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Interview Essentials – Preparedness, Positive Attitude, and Professionalism

Is there an interview on your horizon?  If so, make sure take a common sense approach to making a good impression by utilizing three essential P’s: preparedness, positive attitude and professionalism.  There won’t be much you can add to your … Continue reading

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Online profiles are no substitute for a legal resume.

Don’t believe the hype.  While LinkedIn profiles are a great tool (and necessary in today’s market), online profiles are not a substitute for an actual resume. It finally happened.  After asking for a resume I was directed to an online … Continue reading

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Stop waiting! Update your resume BEFORE you need it.

I met with someone the other day who had just lost his job.  I was really surprised that, nearly one week after he left his firm, he didn’t have a resume put together.  The time to update your resume is … Continue reading

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Attention to Detail Is To/Too/Two Important to Overlook

I recently read an article written by the CEO of a company who said that she, on principal, won’t hire someone with a single typographical error in their resume or cover letter.  Indeed, this company requires everyone who works there … Continue reading

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