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The new lateral numbers are out and there is a lot of movement among lawyers in the largest firms. Still fueled by last year’s collapse of Dewey & LeBoeuf (when nearly 300 partners flooded the market), the Am Law 200 … Continue reading

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Job opportunities are starting to pick up, more attorneys are open to considering new positions, and jobs are getting filled.  All good news for employers, candidates and recruiters alike!  However, for every person that gets an offer, there are many … Continue reading

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Is There Too Much Credibility Placed on Reference Checks?

References are a lot like your mother – they aren’t going to say anything bad about you.  As a result, it’s my contention that there is far too much weight that is put on reference checks.  In my dozen-plus years … Continue reading

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Dirty Laundry

Every law firm or company has aspects that are less than desirable for some people.  In fact, this may be the reason that someone is considering a move.  However, it is never a good to dwell on this too much … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget the “Hidden” Data In Your Legal Resume!

You’ve completed your resume and it’s ready to send out.  There are no typos and the bullet points clearly demonstrate the type of work you have done.  What could you possibly be missing?  You might have forgotten to include the … Continue reading

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