Increase your odds of finding a job

Want to increase your odds of finding a job?  Use every resource available to you, which means stepping outside of the bounds of replying to job postings and start taking some proactive measures.

Relying solely on publications and websites for job posting puts you in a distinct disadvantage with others who networked their way to the top a candidate pool – before the job was ever posted.  Of course, you won’t be able to connect with every potential employer and many do not have pre-determined hires so there is nothing wrong with responding to job postings but try to increase your odds by getting to potential employers before your competition.

Using the right recruiter is another excellent way to separate yourself from the hordes of job applicants – and they will have done networking for you.  The key is finding a recruiter who has established relationships with potential employers and has built enough trust the employer to be shown deference when recommending a candidate.   In fact, there are times when a good recruiter can create opportunities for you by marketing your skills and experience to an employer before a job is open.

There is nothing wrong with replying to job postings but why not improve your chances of a hire through your own networking efforts and the help of a good recruiter.


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