More (Easily-Correctible) Resume Mistakes

We’ve noticed that there seem to be some common mistakes in the resumes we’ve seen recently.  Here are some random thoughts that I hope you find helpful with legal resumes:

We’ve seen a number of resumes recently that are entirely chronological – education, legal experience, other experience and honors are all mixed together in what amounts to a glorified timeline.  Don’t do this.  It makes a resume extremely hard to read.

Your resume is your initial writing sample.  Typographical errors are unacceptable.

If you are going to send a scanned resume, make sure the background is white.  Colored paper (something that should be avoided anyway) looks even worse when it’s a second-generation scan.

If I need a magnifying glass, I’m probably not going to read it.  Pay attention to font and font size.

A disappointing trend is that we are seeing a lot of resumes with personal information sections.  Your marital status, your kids’ ages, your photo, your birthday, etc. are never appropriate on a legal resume.

Please proofread the most vital information on your resume: how someone can get a hold of you.  Poorly transcribed phone numbers and email addresses mean that you are never going to get a shot at the job!

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