Go Ahead – Toot Your Own Horn

People in general have a difficult time drawing attention to their achievements, but in the hiring process you are your strongest advocate so speak up.  Everyone knows there is a difference between cockiness and confidence, the latter is not only okay it is absolutely necessary in a job search.

Whether you have a string of litigation victories or are very adept at drafting 10 Q’s, make sure a potential employer knows it.  Your resume (or corresponding practice addendum) is an excellent place to include your strengths and achievements and should be discussed in the interview if at possible.  The key is to list specific examples to demonstrate your point.  A blanket statement that says you are good at drafting proves nothing.  Offer writing samples or list specific cases with a favorable outcome in which you played a significant role.

Employers are not just hiring people who have specific skills and experience; they want people who are good at what they do.  Make sure the employer knows you are good – go ahead, toot your own horn.


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