Stop waiting! Update your resume BEFORE you need it.

I met with someone the other day who had just lost his job.  I was really surprised that, nearly one week after he left his firm, he didn’t have a resume put together.  The time to update your resume is not AFTER you get laid off, but rather BEFORE there is any trouble.

Waiting until you need the resume to update it causes stress that you shouldn’t need to have.  Being out of a job is a stressful time, don’t add extra panic because you don’t have a working resume.  Worse, not having a resume together might even cause you to accidentally omit something important because you either forgot about it or were too hurried to properly address it.

Keeping your resume updated with your current position and responsibilities is always the best practice.  As you accomplish things in your career and as you complete major projects, take the time to jot it down on your resume.  While you are at it, take the time to update your LinkedIn profile, too.

Hopefully you won’t find yourself in a situation where you are forced to find your next position, but having an updated resume available to you will make it less stressful if you are laid off.  Why not get yours together today?


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