Online profiles are no substitute for a legal resume.

Don’t believe the hype.  While LinkedIn profiles are a great tool (and necessary in today’s market), online profiles are not a substitute for an actual resume.

It finally happened.  After asking for a resume I was directed to an online profile and told that it “should suffice.”  There are so many new online sites where you can post your experience in non-traditional and resume-like formats offering your experience in a multimedia format that is supposed to be “more interesting” than a traditional resume.  While these may be legitimate ways to supplement your resume and job search, they do not replace the need to have a terrestrial resume.

Some examples of these sites are:, and  Indeed some of these sites are claiming to be one-stop shops for contact information and descriptions of your experience, but these will not be successful in a legal job search.  They are an interesting concept, but directing a legal employer to a website when asked for your resume is a sure-fire way to remove yourself from consideration.

If you feel compelled to have an online site that supports your resume (and I have not read any article that indicated that this is helpful) then you should add the URL to your resume and use it as a supplement – not a substitute – to your resume.



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