Associate Happiness Survey Results

AMLAW just released the result of their annual associate survey – and the results are interesting.  Midlevel associates, despite living under the constant fear of layoffs, pay cuts and bonus reductions are generally happier than they have been in years.  Additionally, a whopping 92% of the respondents said that they made the right choice in choosing their firm.  That’s amazing.

We know that associates are as leanly-staffed as they’ve been in recent memory.  We also know that associates are uneasy in this economic climate – something that the survey seems to refute.  While the process of teasing out specific information from the data has just begun (there were 5,543 respondents to the survey), we can immediately conclude a few things: associates are willing to put up with more frustration and generally seem happy to have jobs, increasing their level of satisfaction with their associate position.  Maybe it’s the acceptance that leanly-staffed firms are the new reality?  Maybe it’s simply that with a leaner associate corps, the associates get to do more interesting work for larger clients than ever before?  Whatever the reason for the increased job satisfaction of associates, it is good for the legal market.  Having a happy workforce makes it easier to recruit top talent.

If you are unhappy in your current position, what are you doing to find a job where you are happy?


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