Facing rejection is nothing new in our profession – we deal with it on a daily basis.  In fact, many new recruiters do not last long solely due to their inability to face and overcome the constant rejection.  Unfortunately, rejection has been spreading in these trying economic times and even those without much prior exposure to it, are finding it unavoidable.

Of course, the best way to avoid rejection is not set yourself up for it but then you have zero chance of achieving your goal.  The plain truth is that in the hiring context, most open positions will have hundreds of applicants and only one will not face rejection.  Clearly with odds like these, you cannot beat yourself up too badly for not getting the job.  In fact, just sticking with it may improve your odds because there will be some people who are in your competition pool who simply give up.  Not to mention, you can learn a lot throughout the process and make changes that might lead to you being the one person who was not rejected.


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