Job opportunities are starting to pick up, more attorneys are open to considering new positions, and jobs are getting filled.  All good news for employers, candidates and recruiters alike!  However, for every person that gets an offer, there are many more that are turned down.   For those who make it to the interview process, it can be a new experience or something that has not taken place for many years.

Just getting an interview can be quite an accomplishment when you are vying against hundreds of applicants.   That said, only one person is going to get the offer so don’t beat yourself up too badly if you are not one the one.  However, you should always take the time to evaluate how you did during the interview process and literally note where you thought you were deficient or other changes you would make.  It can be as simple as changing your attire to thinking about how you overcame a perceived weakness or trying situation if asked such as question.  If you find a willing interviewer, you might be able to get their direct feedback or information that they shared with your recruiter.  Of course the best time to make this assessment is immediately after the interview while it is still fresh in your mind.  Over time, there is tendency to forget about ways you could have done better or shift focus on how the interviewer/employer blew it.

The fact is that most people will go through several rounds of interview on a number of positions before getting hired – so you can expect a lot of learning opportunities.  Given a situation where the pool of interviewees is equally strong, even the smallest improvement can make the difference between getting the offer versus chalking it up as another learning experience.

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