The Only Interview Question That Matters: Why Should We Hire You?


Maybe more than the innocuous “tell me about yourself” question, the most important question in an interview is “why should we hire you”.  It boils down the entire hiring process into one answer – and there is only one answer: because I solve your problem(s).

Ultimately, someone is hiring you as a lawyer (at a firm, a company or other organization) to solve a problem.  That problem may be excess work, to boost profits with your portable business or for your subject matter expertise.  You MUST have an articulable answer to the question of why they should hire you before you enter the front door to interview.  Think about it.  Practice the answer.  Believe it.

There might be a room full of other candidates in the lobby when you interview or you might be the only candidate they are meeting, but there is always another alternative (and that’s hiring no one). If you can’t sell them on why they should hire you, why would they extend an offer to you?

When you answer this question, you need to sound confident, capable and enthusiastic.   Explain how your experience has prepared you for the job. Even if you have no work experience, you can highlight the qualities you do have that you know the employer is looking for: outstanding work ethic, your ability to conduct legal research or your ability to think on your feet.

You can add value to any organization as an attorney even if you have no experience, so give some real thought to what you bring to the table and focus on selling that to the interviewer.  You’ll stand out from the crowd and you make the interviewer’s job easier.  So….why should we hire you?

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