Working With An Attorney Recruiter: Know Where Your Resume Is Going.

Today’s blog is more of a rant than an analysis of the legal market or the job search.  I belong to a number of online groups focusing on legal recruiting and this week there was a topic that made my blood boil.  The topic of the day was “Do you trust your candidates enough to tell them the name of the firm their resume is going to?“  I was absolutely shocked to see recruiters post that they oftentimes refuse to tell their candidates where their resume has been sent.

Apart from the rare (and I mean VERY rare) instance where a search is confidential and the person in the position may not know that they will soon be vacating the company/firm, I can’t think of a time where a recruiter shouldn’t tell an attorney where their resume is being sent.  If they don’t trust you enough to tell you the name of the firm/company, then you shouldn’t trust them with your resume.

The only way to ensure that your resume is being submitted to companies/firms where you would actually be a fit is to request demand that your recruiter disclose the name of the firm where s/he sent your resume.   There are great recruiters out there who trust their candidates enough to ALWAYS tell them where their resume was sent, but the online discussion showed me just how far our profession has to go.  Find a recruiter who you can trust and who trusts you.  They’re out there – trust me (pun intended).

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