What’s Behind The Curtain? The Importance of PDFs

The importance of attorney resumes and cover letters being in PDF format

If there is just one thing that we can impress upon you through this blog it’s this: when sending out your resume, please send it in a PDF format.

It’s for your own good.  Besides having to deal with formatting issues (why would you have that dangling word on the second page?) you will save yourself potential embarrassment and headache.

It doesn’t take a computer scientist to work your resume backwards and see what you’ve changed.  While lawyers are great wordsmiths, no one wants others seeing our first-draft.  To protect against this, send your resume in a PDF or other locked format.

And the same goes for your cover letter.  If you send it as a Word document, you run the risk of a potential employer backing out your changes and seeing where else you’ve applied thinking that “you would be a great fit for their organization.”  When they see what’s behind the curtain, the attached resume of the great and powerful Oz isn’t as impressive.


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