Thank You Notes

Earlier this week, at a CLE presentation on job search strategies, a hiring partner at a local firm lamented that too few candidates send thank you notes after interviews.  In fact, at his firm if anyone goes the extra mile and sends a hand-written thank you note after an interview, it is “news” to the extent that it is noted on the weekly all-partner email blast.

It is always proper etiquette to send a thank you note after an interview.

If a firm or company has taken the time to interview you, it is a wasted opportunity not to (a) send an immediate thank you email to those that you met and (b) send a hand-written note recapping how you believe your practice would fit in with theirs, showing your appreciation and expressing interest in moving forward (if you are genuinely interested).  If you handwriting is atrocious, take your time to write the second letter.  If you still can’t write legibly, then type the letter.

The second thank you note is important because we live in a need-to-get-it-now world.  The initial email satisfies that, but the hand-written letter may arrive 2-4 days after the interview.  That’s an ideal time to jog someone’s memory to act on the interview and gives you another chance to put your name in front of the hiring partners.

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